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Cardano for the World Youtube channel

This is The Future of Finance - video introducing Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Marlowe and Actus in plain English

The Plutus Platform - video from the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020

Marlowe Playground - video from the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020


Series of videos about Marlowe by Simon Thompson (original playlist here):

Marlowe 0 introduction

Marlowe 1 blockchain essentials

Marlowe 2 domain-specific languages

Marlowe 3 financial contracts

Marlowe 4 onto blockchain

Marlowe 5 escrow onto blockchain

Marlowe 6 Marlowe in full

Marlowe 7 writing Marlowe contracts in Haskell

Marlowe 8 writing Marlowe contracts in JavaScript

Marlowe 9 ACTUS and financial contracts

Marlowe 10 verifying Marlowe contracts

Marlowe 11 Introducing the Marlowe Playground

Marlowe 12 Using Haskell in the Playground

Marlowe 13 Using JavaScript in the playground

Marlowe 14 Building Marlowe directly in the playground

Marlowe 15 Building contracts in Blockly

Marlowe 16 Simulation in the Playground

Marlowe 17 Oracles in the Marlowe Playground

Marlowe 18 Analysis in the playground

Marlowe 19 ACTUS Labs experimental

Marlowe 20 looking forward


Marlowe documents from Cardano docs translated into other languages (go to language sites links above):

Learn about Marlowe

. What is the Marlowe Playground?

Getting Started with the Marlowe Playground

Marlowe Language Guide

Writing Marlowe with Blockly

Using the Haskell Editor

Using the Javascript Editor


Marlowe Tutorials from the Marlowe Playground and Cardano Docs:

. Marlowe Tutorials Index


Documents about Native Tokens from Cardano Docs:

. Learn about Native Tokens